UD 3.0.1 Is Here - Minor Update


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Mar 8, 2010
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Blackdroid has posted UD 3.0.1 over at his website, supposed to fix a lot of the bugs people have been experiencing.
Downloaded and installed, good news is it fixed some issues.

Bad news, probably one of the sloppiest flashs I've done. I went to flash it right over 3.0 and it went to boot up, left it for 5 minutes, still attempting to boot up. Pulled the battery and again same thing. Flashed it again, and 5 minutes later still not working. Pulled the battery and finally it boots up and says the system isn't working.

So I recommend 100% a backup before flashing this
does it really fix things tho?

1. the market issues ppl were having?
2. camera/camcorder?
3. lockscreen?
4. DSP?
5. some even had data loss after calls?
6. the other stuff lol?

just wondering before i burn my day messing with this thing cus its really nice outside and i wanna take the lil red machine out for a ride lol lol
UD 3.0 has been like a temper mental child on my phone since release. One day its running like you pooped on it and the next its smooth as silk. yesterday i could barely use it, the whole phone was just unresponsive and lagging like crazy...today its quick and running awesome.

Im hoping its stablized and stay like this...but I won't be tempting the ROM-a-gods by spitting on this recent gift

pass on 3.0.1
UD 3.0.1 Changelog
- New boot animation by Dellacorte
- Fixed all lockscreen landscape views
- Fixed alarm clock overlaying battery status on lockscreen
- Minor performance enhancement to remedy to lessen issues
- Fixed Camcorder Crash (Incredible)
- Fixed Evo gps issues
how are apps restoring for you guys? i know there were some issues in 300 so how does 301 do with restoring?
how are apps restoring for you guys? i know there were some issues in 300 so how does 301 do with restoring?

Not good at all...keep getting a network error with the market. I'm coming over from 2.5 and I did wipe...but still having troubles...
smh, thts what i was afraid of. im on 2.5 too and was wondering if this one was good enough to flash to....still waiting on feedback
Just flashed the "minor update" over my 3.0 install. Extremely slow at booting up compared to 3.0 for whatever reason. The boot animation is okay if it didn't keep cycling over and over and over. Not overly impressed with this "minor update."
I flashed over 3.0, which deleted my exchange and gmail account so I was getting market FC's. Also my camera wasn't working, it would load then FC. I ran fix permissions and cleared the Market data and that didn't help so I ended up flashing again. This time my accounts stayed and my camera works now, but I tested the camcorder zoom while recording bug and that is still present.

Looks like the second flash fixed the problems, and after installing prime's kernel and running the sh command on the 07overclock file, things really sped up. Definitely some issues though, tread with caution.