ubber noob looking for best driod x root and unroot methods step by step


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Dec 19, 2010
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hello droid x forums, i have never really used fourms befor and find my self searching threw countless post with very little info that iam looking for if any. not dissing this forum more user error it seems. i have had a droid x now since october and every now and then it frezze's on me i take out the main battery put it back in and nothing happens some times been telling my self iam going to take it in and they give me the run around saying to delete apps and do a factory reset not running many apps and problem shows up abought 1 in 2 weeks or so but any who asking if iam not the only one with that problem, and a differnt note i have been searching for how to root my droid. i google it and sure enough i can see differnt ways of rooting and thats abought all i find just the basic root a couple apps and thats abought it. have seen differnt roms and seen people talking abought making an image of your phone at some point if a failure was to happen and lack of experiance with fourms has shown me that the info is there i just dont know how to find it and after searching for so long i dont really have the time of day to check thread after thread abought something that is not giving me the whole picture. most likely me have no clue how to carry out a simple task of looking threw a fourm. but any way a bit aboot my self i do as iam sure most of the admins and members of this site, have a techincal backround my current job iam reloading software into moble devices on a day to day base as well as repairing and replacing internal components in those devices and prior to [threw a temp agency] work at an LG sweat shop i mean one of there buildings reflashing and testing cell phones for abought a year as well as updating and reconfiguring the pc's used to reflash phones less fancy than it sounds so i have techincal experinace not that much couple years and try to be very exact when it comes to any thing to do with altering software espicaily on a 500 dollor cell phone wich brings me to my fianl introductory rant wich is unrooting from what ive seen could be as simple as a factory reset or going back to the root and changing the user settings what ever throw off moto and lets them belive the phone was never rooted in the first place thank you for any one who has took the time to read this and to help me as well and sorry for the poor grammer i went to public school growing up and we all know how horrible the education comes out from there is thanks again
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