Two questions about documents to go


Dec 6, 2009
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1)I downloaded the unlock key for documents to go, and I'm wondering if I can uninstall the key, and simply run the documents to go main application? Will uninstalling the key, revert me back to the unpaid version? I can't seem to find any documentation about this on their website.

2) Also, lets say I preview an attachment from gmail that is 10 mbs, does the file get stored on my SD card, or on my droid? Or perhaps, the preview files are stored in a "temp" folder that I have not been able to find, and deleted upon exit?

Further information would greatly be appreciated, thank you!


I just noticed that the iphone version of this app has much more features, including wireless syncing, and is cheaper. Does anyone know if there are plans to bring these features over to droid, or is it simply not possible?

Thanks, again.