Doc App with Certain Features


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Jan 10, 2010
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So I'm looking for an app I can write in on the go. Haven't found one that meets my few needs yet. I've been trying out all the trial versions and free document apps (OliveOffice, Google Docs, QuickOffice, Documents to Go, OfficeSuite so far) but I have a feeling I'll end up buying one of the apps for the specs I want. I just don't know which ones offer the exact features I want as a pro version. So I want:

Dropbox syncing built in (which I know Quick does; don't see it on D2G)
The ability to text and come back to the app with the doc still open, the way I left it (Quick does that; Google Docs does not; don't know about D2G)
Indent (haven't seen them do this in my versions; do any? So far I save a doc on my computer with a few lines so my formatting is in it, and QuickOffice keeps it going)
Auto-suggest (like with texting, showing the word it think you will use; would like to have auto-correct, but it doesn't seem to work on any of the apps even with it set up in my phone)

Am I crazy? Seems impossible to find all these features in one app unless it has to be the bought version. So any of you with these apps, which one does these four things? I'm very-anti Google Docs just because I hate writing in it, but I know I could just use it to store the docs and use an app to open them. It's just a hassle when I'll be constantly be going back and forth between my phone and the app.

So far I like QuickOffice. I just don't seen an indent option.

Any help would be much appreciated!