Documents to Go, Not in market...HELP!


Nov 8, 2009
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In other versions of Jrummy's Roms this hasn't been a problem..however now it is? I cannot see the Documents to Go Full Version Key. I purchased it months ago...and just want to use my full features. Does anyone know of a way around this? I've read their developer forums as well as several forum posts....but no definite answer.

Thanks in advance!
Same thing happened to me. Run the market fix that was posted in this thread and that should fix it. It did the trick for me.
Does the market hack simply "trick" the market? Will it affect any app that's 2.2 specific? (If there are any) Or is this a worry free fix...

Thanks for the help!
I'm not sure but I believe it does trick the market. After I installed it I noticed a lot more apps visible in the market. It will get u by until Jrummy gets off the boat and makes a better fix. I belkeve u can finf the fix on rom manager as well.
Yea I will just do that for now. Is it a simple fix to go back? Or undo the "fix"
To go back or undo it you would have to make a backup before u install and then do a nandroid restore to get back to the unfixed version
I had the same problem with FRG22 but restored it from back up. Which thread was that market fix located in. Correct me if I am wrong but aren't there multiple versions floating around?
There is a fix on rom manager in the lithium rom downlload section. Select the fix and select no thanks on all other options. You will also find it in the original lithium mod thread. Open the thread and search it for market fix. That's where I found it. Installed it via rom manager off the SD card