TweetDeck for Android


Jun 11, 2010
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is your mobile browser for staying in touch with what’s happening on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Buzz. TweetDeck makes it easy to view all of your data and post updates to multiple accounts, so you can stay up to date and organized no matter where you are.

Android Advice – TweetDeck Ninja Tips:

  • The thing to remember about TweetDeck is the columns, for each column be sure to glance at the top header to note which column you’re in as there is no huge difference visually in the columns besides some color differences.
  • Tap the header bar to quickly zoom to the latest message.
  • Send one message to all social networks when composing a message by tapping their icons in the post screen.
  • Comment directly to Facebook friends or Like their status from “All Friends” menu when tapping the Friends icon.
  • Instead of signing into each account individually, if you sign in with your TweetDeck account you get instant access to all identities created from the desktop app.