Seesmic for Android


Nov 9, 2009
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Raleigh, NC
Seesmic (twitter client) has just released a version for Android! (search for seesmic)

I am a much bigger fan of Tweetdeck, but until they make one, I think it might stick with this.

The interface is very clean. It is extremely easy to see everything. When clicking on a tweet you get the options for reply, retweet, DM as buttons at the bottom.

For notifications, you can set things for background notification for statusbar alerts. Update interval starts at 5 minutes and goes up (meh). You can set it to vibrate and ring, as well as what ringtone you want, and you can have it flash LEDs, and even distinguish between what you want for notifications (tweets, replies, DMs). And can set your photo, video, and url shortening services.

composing a tweet is great. nice big screen. the ability to attach photo or video, geolocate, and URL shorten.

The entire app is rotatable! wohoo landscape!

No widget, but at least it's got notifications.

Best part: it's free!!

Some cons:

- no multiple accounts (or at least I didn't see a way to do it)
- can't update facebook and/or myspace from it
- can't add columns (for groups or searches)
- no search

I didn't pay for Twitdroid, but from what I saw in the free app, Seesmic is already ahead of the game.


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Nov 9, 2009
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Virginia Beach
I think Seesmic has HUGE potential. Features and UI are awesome and I love that it highlights mentions. Also allows you to view conversations.

Only thing is it slows my phone way down, force closed twice in one hour, and I found missing tweets in my timeline while sitting at my PC.

I can't wait until they upgrade this bad boy so the functionality is better! Back to Twidroid until then.