Tuber Cleans Up Your Youtube Experience.


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Oct 6, 2011
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Several years ago youtube really pushed the subscriber model. They prioritized your first page view based on your subscriptions. In fact when you logged into your account you would see a feed of only the channels you were subscribed to. A few years ago youtube began to shift to a more discovery based model. With the new layouts you have to actually make a few clicks before you can see your subscription fee. Because of this only about 17% of my total views come from my subscribers. This is not an entirely bad thing since 83% of my views come from some sort of discovery mechanism built into Android.

While the suggested videos are nice on the front page it can be pretty annoying at times. If you search for a video on a subject you may only need one time you will automatically begin to see videos on the same subject flooding your front page. If you view a several videos from a certain creator your front page will feature that creator for weeks even if you never click on that creators videos again.

Sometimes you just want to view your subscription feed. If you really just want a cleaner youtube experience Tuber may be an app for you to check out. The app is pretty simple with only 3 UI panes. You get a subsribed pane, a new videos view, and a UI for individual channels. This makes finding new videos from your favorite creator much easier than the official youtube app.

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