Trouble pairing bluetooth with BT-e600


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Nov 9, 2009
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Hey all,

I have an eclipse AVN receiver in my car with the BT-e600 (made by parrot) and cannot seem to get it to pair with my droid. I can enter the password and the system responds "pairing successful" the droid then says paired but not connected and no bluetooth functions work. When i turn off the car then turn back on it asks me to please pair device (ie it doesn't seem to remember that i paired anything). I had a blackberry pearl before this and it paired and worked no problem. I love my new droid and have no plans to go back but this is annoying. Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Finally found a solution. Posted on Parrot's forums. Hope this helps someone.

Here is what I just got from Support:
You may also want to make sure your firmware on the parrot is the most recent which is version 5.23.
You can find a certified installer in your area to do the update at

Pairing can be difficult, and as such the droid is not currently considered compatible with the evolution. The phone should pair; but may not connect. What some of our customers have been able to do is to pair with the Parrot, where the Droid reads "paired but not connected" then clear the memory on the Parrot, whence it will announce "memory erasing in progress please wait". Most steering wheel controls will allow you to clear the memory with a combination of the Volume Keys Vol- followed by Vol + 5 Times (-+-+-+-+-+). Or if you have the red/green keypad with the dial in the center, simply press and hold the red/green button at the same time. Normally when the Parrot is done it will announce PLEASE PAIR DEVICE when its done, but these customers have reported that it instead simply beeps indicating it connected to a phone, and sure enough the Droid showed it was connected and paired.
Again this work around has worked for many customers, but at this time we do not consider the Motorola Droid compatible with the CK3000 evolution, it is so with all of our other current devices, and as such do not guarantee its functionality.
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ck 3000 AND DROID X

I was able to pair on 3 separate occasions. Just kept pairing and unpairing. The last time after it said paired but not connected I turned the ignition off and on and waited a minute. Then I heard the beep and it paired. But I had done this many times and expected it to say please pair. By the way... once paired it works all the time. I paired 3 separate times because I returned the phone for a new 1 and also did a FACTORY RESET.