Lexus/Toyota Bluetooth Issue


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Jul 27, 2010
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We have a Lexus 350 GS (glorified Toyota) that I can successfully get to pair and use with either my DROID2 or my wife's DROID. After turning the car off, the car forgets that the DROID ever existed; doesn't automatically reconnect, isn't selectable from the list of memorized bluetooth phones. Pairing needs to be re-done each time the car is started. The car paired and remembered other dumb phones (and also my former blackberry).

Strange thing is that the bluetooth on the DROIDS works perfectly on our other Lexus (470 GX beast), using the same pairing procedures and car settings.

Anyone else have this with a Lexus or Toyota...or have any ideas. Unfortunately, I think it's a Lexus issue since it works on one of my Lexus', but not the other.