Traveling to Canada


Oct 27, 2010
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Any one here take their droid to Canada?
I am going to go thru severe withdrawals this summer. I was looking at global plans so that I could take my Droid X across the border this summer for a month. OUCH! 100 dollars for 100 megs of data? yeesh. It makes me sad that I will probably have to just buy some crummy burner phone just to use for one month. I do have an old touch pro 2 that has sim card. I guess I could buy a card from rogers or telus or something but It may be easier to just go lo-tek for the month. turn on airplane mode and just use the phone in wifi hotspots.

I don't know how I am going to break it to my Texting Teen. LOL I think I will have withdrawals, they will have a melt down with out texting. hehe.

Any ideas? roaming on a foreign country is so expensive I could actually probably just have a family member in Canada add me to their plan.

In my perfect world all phones work on all networks and one price to go anywhere. Sigh..... we can dream lol.


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Mar 31, 2011
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to be honest i wouldnt even talk it with me. i'd activate an old phone that doesnt use data. reason being is you'll take it off airplane mode to make a call, leave the wifi zone, go back to 3g and the phone will do some huge auto update. or atleast thats how my luck works. if your traveling, just take a basic phone.