Touchscreen has mind of its own


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Feb 23, 2011
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My Motorola Droid started acting up a couple of weeks ago. It seemed to be getting worse as time passed on. First it was just a little annoying then it became inoperable. The screen will freak out, call people, text weird stuff and absolutely prevent me from doing anything. I finally switched to my old blackberry temporarily. My contract ended and I switched to Page Plus from verizon so I can't take it back for repair. What's the likelihood that a replacement touchscreen digitizer would fix my issue? Thanks in advance for any help!
I did find where some people were explaining that task killer can cause this problem. After uninstalling this I see no change. Took 10 mins to uninstall it though because the phone wants to do its own thing. I also heard mention that using a charger not intended for the droid can cause this issue. If using the wrong charger causes this issue has it caused permanent damage? or will switching to the correct charger resolve the issue?
Same thing happened to my D1. If hard reset doesnt fix it, a bad digitizer. And a new phone in your near future.

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Same thing happened to mine at about the one year mark. I had to get 2 warranty exchanges since then. Even if you're not covered by vzw, you may still be covered by Motorola. Go to the moto website and search for unit warranty and enter your infoo to find out.

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