Touchdown "Read Mail" Not working

Jul 12, 2010
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I emailed Touchdown support with this question, but wanted to throw it by this forum just in case anyone knows or has the same issue:

In my Touchdown settings, I have UNCHECKED the box that says “Don’t Mark Read on server.” When I read the new email on my Motorola Droid X Touchdown application, it marks it as read on the Droid X, but does NOT mark it as read on the Exchange Server. (We have Exchange 2007 and I use Outlook 2007 as my desktop client.)

Conversely, if I read the message on my PC using Outlook, it will mark the message as read on the Droid X. Also, if I mark an email as unread in Outlook, it will sync that change on my Droid X.

Why will my Touchdown App not Mark the messages as read on the server?
I did search the Google Group and found nothing. Was hoping perhaps someone on here knew the answer, or at least was in a similar boat.
Problem Solved!

From NitroDesk support:

Please make sure you do not have "defer server updates" checked in your advanced settings. This may be causing the issue.

Mine was checked, I unchecked it and tested, reading mail now works. dancedroid