[TOOL][CDMA ONLY] One Click Restore+ Root [Windows Only]


Mar 27, 2011
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Kalamazoo MI
[TOOL][CDMA ONLY] LINK UPDATE One Click Restore+ Root V2.0 [Windows Only]

One Click Partial Restore v 2.0
By: Globed
Huge Thanks to P3Droid from which the script was based from.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: I am not responsible for any damage or anything that goes wrong that may occur in the use of the ONE CLICK PARTIAL RESTORE. You are responsible for what you do with your device.

The One Click Restore is for the Motorola Droid Razr, CDMA only. GSM will be uploaded tomorrow. :) as well as a full restore one click for CDMA versions.
This tool does TWO thing, it will restore your RAZR from a soft brick and also retains root to your device.


Update file Removed( going to have a one click update file with the Full restore one click .
Cleaned up a little.

The one thing that doesn't work is the update file. I am still working on the update file. IF ANYONE HAS CREATED AN UPDATE FILE MY EMAIL IS LISTED Below, I will need the unofficial 6.12 Update. also Please note this is a beta i have tested this on my own phone. I purposely bricked it and used the tool.

I need other people to test this, I know it works with my device.

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  1. Make Sure you have the Proper Motorola Drivers installed Here.
  2. Download the download the One clcik restore which is available below and unzip it.
  3. Next you will need to hold down the power and volume + an - then choose AP fast boot.
  4. Open up One click root Razr edition and click the run me file.
  5. Plug your phone in to your usb cable and press enter to start the script. The rest is history!.

Whats to come?
Full Restore for CDMA.
Possibly a ONE click Update to the latest OTA Version
GSM support
If someone could get me the cheeseCake.APK for the razr(Cant Find it) it will install that as well.
If you have any issues please post them below Thanks
If you have any questions, Comments or suggestions pleas email me.....[email protected]
SideNote* I have a forum featuring a custom boot logo request page and a directory for all forums android related. So WIP finishing up the theme but check it out sign up here

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Thank you Globed...

Do you have a time scale to add new link as my phone is sad and not working...

Thank you

Thank you Globed... I will let you know how i get on... Fingers crossed...


I just noticed your running the GSm razr. this will not work for the GSM all the fastboot files are for the cdma verizon razr. I will work on a gsm package and upload it tonight for ya
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Thank you Globed... I was neally in tears lastnight...

I am lost without my phone... :)