[recovery] [ICS] [gsm/CDMA] tested on razr gsm but works on cdma razr


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Jun 11, 2012
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hi guys today i introduce a custom recovery what i'have found on xda forums
it introduce a really important features

What is BootMenu?

BootMenu is like a second-stage loader. It run after Motorola bootloader and hijack android initial boot process. It allows you to to run custom command before booting android, run customized CWM-based recovery & booting from a second system partition. (Most people call this dual-booting.)


-Fail safe : Loaded on each boot. Configurable timeout, auto-boot to default setting.
-CWM-based Recovery : Highly customized touch-able recovery. Auto-removed file protection flag before restore. ADB & Mass storage.
-2nd-System : Suitable for development. Run second ROM on abandon webtop partition / sdcard
-Stock/Recovery/Second system boot script is configurable. Located at /preinstall/bootmenu/script/*.sh
-Theme (Only little support ATM)
-Disable qe service by default.
-2nd-init binary is included, but no support for now.

How to install

Get BootMenu Manager app from Google Play - BootMenu Manager or click this link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.projectlense.bootmenu
BootMenu Manager is an application to provide an easy install of BootMenu for Motorola Razr. It also includes a simple updater & configuration tools.

I do not assume any responsibility for damage to the cell

thanks to xda and whirleyes for the guide and the program :D sorry for bad english but i'm italian xD

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