Too Cold 4 Turbo


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Feb 5, 2012
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Working outside around the farm today, 9° most of the day. Fingers and toes numb with bright red face. Had the turbo in a breast pocket of interior lining jacket plus heavy outer coat. Had a text, took phone out. Tap tap, tappy tap, nothing. Phone too cold to work . relaxing in the den now watching the latest blizzard on CNN and noticed battery @45% at only 11:47 hours on. 3 hours s/t
Yup. That'll do 'er. These puppies don't like the cold any more than they like extreme heat. My OG Droid would act a bit funny while I was outside in the bitter cold having a smoke at work back in the day. And that was a "puff as fast as you can and get back inside" kinda situation, not a "I know you've got me all bundled up next to your chest, but, dude, it's frigid out here. Can't we go inside" kinda thing.
Amen. As for the low battery I must say that I did have the display set to full bright from showing a photo a couple days ago. I normally use auto and just failed to reset.
I do like that bright screen for outdoors though.
That's one issue I don't need to worry about living in Arizona. I'll have the extreme opposite during the summer... Can't leave it in the car at the park or it will reach 140+ deg!