Today Looks Like Verizon 4G LTE Outage Wednesday


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Dec 30, 2010
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Austin, TX

Apparently, VZW is experiencing their, now common, technical difficulties with 4G LTE. We have multiple reports filtering in across the web and across the U.S. from the east coast to Ohio to Texas. So far, we haven't heard of any outages yet on the west coast, but it could just be too early for them due to the time differences. If you are in Mountain Standard Time or Pacific Standard Time, and are also experiencing a 4G LTE outage with your Verizon smartphone, sound off in this thread.

We will keep an eye out and let you guys know as soon as it starts to come back up. It's important to note, that it is mostly 4G LTE, but there are some folks that are having spotty or no 3G either.

UPDATE: 4G is reportedly coming back online in some areas. As always, report in if you are back online.
4g in Richmond Virginia is down and 3g is in and out!!!!

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No 3g or 4g on my phone yet someone I work with has a droid 2 and has 3g..
Getting 3G only right now in Orange County, CA. Earlier this morning 3G & 4G were both out.

Looks like 4G is back in Dallas/Coppell. Suppose the only thing I can be pleased about is that the outages don't last quite as long. Still pretty inconvenient. You gotta love how they can drop our data connections whenever they feel like it, with no apparent repercussions, yet we have to keep paying them the full amount. I think we all need to start getting a $1 credit on our bill for every hour service is down.. :wink:
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Same issue in Colorado Springs... thanks Verizon.

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My Nexus lost 3G for 45 minutes or so in Southern MD, co workers DX had data though. No 4G here yet :(
No 3g in Apple Valley, Ca. Started losing data connection last night around 9pm.
Had no 3g or 4g around 7AM CST. Started getting 3g around 8AM, and just now noticed I am getting 4g. Milwaukee.

Edit: 4g gone again.
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In Lansing, MI I lost all data at 8:15 EST and regained 3G only at 9:40. Oddly enough, both this time and during the last data outage, my Verizon 3G serviced work Blackberry continued to hold connection the entire time with the 3G icon displayed in the status bar.