To Screen Protect DROID 1 or not?


Feb 16, 2010
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Spokane, WA
Ever since I got my DROID Dec 2009, there have only been only 1 or 2 days where I had no screen protector on... (I planned ahead from the day I bought it thinking about the day I sell it). A scratched screen loses much value in my opinion... after using Verizon's HORRIBLE protectors I have settled on InvisibleShield (the ones at Best Buy--pricey, but VERY durable, anti-scratch, military grade, etc....)

My question: After about 6 months, it is FINALLY giving out and becoming a little "dog eared". How durable is a DROID 1 screen w/o a screen protector? Keep in mind, I am pretty rough. I often put it in my pockets with my keys (on accident) and sometimes drop it on a cement floor. The sides of the phone are a bit scratched because this -- my case broke after one month and I never replaced it.

So, is the screen very resistant? (is it even Gorilla glass???) I am about a month away from selling it and want to keep it in good shape, so it won't be unprotected too long.. and I might be more careful knowing the protector is off...

what are your opinions?
I have been going commando since january, and have not had one single scratch. It is gorilla glass and it is very durable. It can be scratched though...

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its really ur call. i see having a good screen protector (~12 bucks ebay) is muchhh better than having a big gash on the screen or paying the deductible to get a new phone.

it is gorilla glass, but it can still be scratched..
I have gone "commando" since I purchased mine - and not a scratch. However, I keep mine in a nylon case and never drop it. If you're regularly dropping it on concrete, i'd recommend a screen protector - the screen IS gorilla glass, however concrete contains sand and sand is capable of scratching glass. So i'd err on the side of caution and protect it if I were you.
My $6.00 Screensaver I bought in October of 2009 in anticipation of my pre-ordered MotoDroid is still intact and I wouldn't have a Device without one
Ok... thanks. I think I will keep the one on for a while... its only a few weeks before I upgrade anyway... might as well keep it perfect
I've had on one since day one..I've recently been looking into the privacy screen protectors to where unless you are looking directly at the screen it jus looks all black like if you look at it on an angle or from the side

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Never had one, never will. Personal preference.