titanium backup question


Aug 30, 2010
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south carolina
im trying to figure out why my titanium backup after a factory reset to install a new rom wont auto install all my apps...i actually have to go to it manually one by one and install them and it kinda sucks doing it that way....i went to the settings and the one is checked for on restore, restore all apps auto...any suggestions? it used to work before
no, but with the unpaid version it worked fine for like 3 months or so....i ended up uninstalling it and reinstalling it for a reason i cant remember and since then it hasnt worked right
The one time I tried it was the unpaid version. It didn't work. As far as I know only the paid version works.
im gonna pay for it and see if that works...its bad enough i just had to pay for all my apps all over again cause someone hacked my account i guesss and google wouldnt reset my account so i had to make a new one about a week ago...but i know it did work for a while without the paid one
ok i have the paid version now...what do i need to make sure is checked/unchecked other than the first option in preferences to make sure it works next time?