Tip Galaxy S6 Motion And Gesture Options


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Oct 6, 2011
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The release of the Galaxy S4 brought features overdrive! The Galaxy S4 was on feature overload and many consumers saw the majority of these features for what they were, gimmicks. There were pages of gesture control features, but only a few that were really worth using on a daily basis. Since then Samsung has weeded out the not so useful Gesture controls and we have a much simpler list of gesture controls in TouchWiz on the Galaxy S6.

To access the gesture options you will head into your settings and then scroll down to and choose the Motion and Gestures option. There you will find four gesture options that can actually add value to your daily phone experience. Direct Call when turned on will automatically call the person on the current contact card when you lift the phone to your head. Smart Alert will cause the phone to vibrate when you pick the phone up alerting you that you have received notifications while you were away from your device. Mute turns off your phones sounds and vibrations when you either cover the screen of your device with your whole hand, or turn the phone screen down on a surface. Lastly Palm Swipe To capture allows you to quickly grab a screenshot of your homescreen by swiping the screen with your palm. These options can improve your experience.