Time Stamp on Email/Photos off by 7 hours!


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Apr 26, 2011
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If someone can solve this, I would be ecstatic! I have a Droid Global 2, my carrier is Verizon. I use Gmail, Yahoo, and stock email (for my verizon mail) on the phone. When someone REPLIES to a Yahoo/Verizon email, it shows the time I sent it is 7 hours ahead. Also the Exif info shows the time my pictures taken in Gallery are also off 7 hours.

I set up my Verizon account manually since it's IMAP. Yahoo/Gmail was set up directly using the droid application. Other than the time stamp issue, everything else works fine with my email.

To make things more confusing, the time sent and received showing in my outbox and the receivers inbox is CORRECT. It's just on the actual email header after opening it and replying that is wrong.

I have checked ALL my date/time zone settings on the phone and within all the email applications. They are all set correctly for Pacific Time in an hourly format (vs GMT). I have removed the battery, upgraded to 2.2, reset and re-entered the timezones, uninstalled/reinstall email. Tried 'automatic' and manual timezones. Even tried to input a timezone 7 hours behind to 'trick' the system. Nothing changes the time stamp. Always 7 hours ahead in GMT time.

Ironically, the ONLY emails that are stamped with the correct time are to/from the Google Gmail account.

I've also gone via computer and checked the time zones/internet zones/updates/modem etc and they are all fine. Also, sending emails directly from any of my computers have accurate time stamp.

WTH? This must be an issue with the phone then? Is there a fix/workaround?