Incredible Time Zones are incorrect!?


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May 3, 2010
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Hi all - I've been an Incredible user since the day it came out, and on a scale of 1-10 of familiarity with the phone, i consider myself pretty close to a 10 - i know the phone backwards and forwards.

Here's the problem - I have an Exchange Activesync and GMAIL account set up on the phone. I tried sending a calendar invite to my GMAIL account this morning, and noticed that the time was showing up as being 1hr off. i.e - in my calendar the event showed at 8:00AM, but in the Gmail calendar entry request it showed 7:00AM.

So i checked my time zone in Settings >> Date and Time. It's set to "automatic", yet the time zone is set to GMT -5:00, which is incorrect, since i'm smack-bam the middle of Texas, and am fairly sure i'm in the Central time zone, whereas -5:00 GMT is Eastern Time

This is where it gets weird... if i select the drop-down to pick a different time zone, these are the options on the droid:

Pacific Time -7:00 GMT
Central Time GMT -5:00
Eastern Time GMT -4:00

These time zones are incorrect. Eastern Time is -5:00, not -4:00. Central is -6:00, not -5:00, etc. The whole chart is 1 hour off

Below is a time zone map (for these forums). Note that -5:00GMT is, in fact, Eastern time.

I know you're all saying "why don't you just change to a different time zone and be done with it". It's not that simple. Because the rest of the world is using the correct demarcations for time (i.e. Pacific time is -8:00GMT, not -7:00 as the droid says it is), if i change the time zone, all my calendar entries change too... to the incorrect time.

Anyone have any advice on this? What gives? Am i missing something obvious here? I can live with this, sure, but it's bugging me... this, in theory, should be a huge issue, affecting hundreds of thousands of users... am i the only one experiencing this issue?