Thunderbolt @ Verizon Speed Test & Impressions

Yea, I'm getting crazy fast speeds here in Minneapolis, more than double what I get from my home Comcast connection.


Do not use the speedtest app. It's way inaccurate.
used my laptop to connect to thunderbolt's wifi hotspot feature and got these results...

downloading torrents, i'm getting constant 2.4mbytes/sec down and 1.2mbytes/sec up.
going to try and download 300gb worth of data over the weekend :D
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Fort Myers

The FCC Test app has the same issue with upload as the app. works fine though.
Im getting about the same on speakeasy. 20-25/5. I LOVE the Hotspot with LTE.
LTE provides 12-15 up, how are some people getting 2 and 3x that? Somethings fishy.
Test results from and or the app are severly inaccurate on 4G mobile devices. This is a known issue. I recommend using's speed test. If you want to verify this, upload a large file (at least 1 gig) from your phone to your home PC via FTP and use a stop watch to time it. Of course this isn't perfectly accurate either but is sufficient to illustrate the issues with
their web based test works fine, but the phone app shows faulty upload speeds.