Thunderbolt Update Without Gingerbread?


Aug 3, 2011
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I pulled the following off of planetinsane. I have no idea if it's true or not. Frankly I'd prefer having a working phone at this point rather than a buggy GB.

Following its release, the HTC Thunderbolt has undergone a number of issues that plagued owners of the LTE smartphone of HTC . These issues that affected the smartphone resulted to a number of frustrated users who patiently waited for the HTC Thunderbolt update in order to deal with the major bugs.

Following the initial release of the HTC Thunderbolt update, users thought that their problems may finally be over. However a number of bugs were reportedly noted which caused the initial HTC Thunderbolt update to be discontinued.

However recent reports have indicated that the latest HTC Thunderbolt update may be in the offing although industry watchers have hinted that it may not include the Gingerbread Android.

Reports have revealed that the upcoming HTC Thunderbolt update will reportedly deal will all known issues that have affected the device since its release, which would be good news for users of the LTE smartphone.

The first HTC Thunderbolt update was reportedly had a number of issues that resulted to its pull out. The voicemail notifications were reportedly affected while Google Talk with Video was not functional.

A number of weather synching and SMS issues were reportedly noted on the initial update for the device. This comes as the security flaw was discovered on some HTC devices which include the HTC Thunderbolt. However the latest HTC Thunderbolt update is reportedly on its way and it may deal with earlier issues that affected the device.

Industry watchers have revealed that this latest HTC Thunderbolt update will reportedly answer the problems that users of the device have experienced so far. This is reportedly great news for users who opted not to have their devices rooted to remove all the issues. The latest HTC Thunderbolt update will reportedly work on the rooted devices as well as devices that were not rooted however it will also clean up the device.