Throttle in /data/system folder question


Apr 27, 2011
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Brainerd, Minnesota
Anyone know anything about the x2s throttle? Found the folder in my data/system folder....any way to unthrottle it? I don't have digital so 3g is my only internet. I would like it to be unthrottled if it is. Any increase is helpful.

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we had messes with that over at xda and some people claimed faster speeds but it was hit/miss.
personally I don't think the mod worked.

but GOOD NEWS ;)
powerboostmod(u can find it at rootzwiki) newest version should be released very soon. and it includes support for the X2 running liberty and eclipse.
powerboost mod script has an option for the unthrottled services.jar. the TRUE way to unthrottle. you can find the official thread in the original X forum. keep ur eyes peeled for the newest release. check the irc channel #pboost also for more info.
The throttle mod I found was to change the permissions on the throttle folder by unchecking the middle box. Then take the two files in the throttle folder and move them to your external SD card. Don't know if this made a difference but I figured I'd give it a try.

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