[THEME] SHOGUN for Liberty 2.0


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Sep 17, 2010
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Land of Liberty

SHOGUN - For Liberty 2.0.1/ DX *UPDATED FOR 2.0.1/ No FC in settings!*
*Fully Optimized & Zipaligned
*Complete Themed Framework
*Themed Lockscreens
*Themed Apps
*Custom Icons
*HTC "Bounce" Animations
*Custom Font
*New Motoconnect Music Player now Default Music App






Download to SD Card
Uninstall Facebook & Twitter
Reboot Into CW Recovery
Wipe Cache (NOT Data/Factory Reset)
Install zip from SD Card
Reboot & Enjoy

Draya1986 Some Red App Icons
BigNAdad Dialer/Contacts
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Amazing job. You might be one of the best themers.

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Hey sensei, any way we could talk you into making a regular and swype keyboards to match this theme? Maybe the same look as the dialer? That would be sick.
Thank you for this theme, I think after the final release of liberty 2.0 my liberated beast of a phone will be complete until the next bada$$ red theme comes out.
Sensai...Im not trying to bash here so please dont take it that way I do love your work and dedication. Im a huge fan of asian culture/art and when i saw Shogun I got very excited. But i think more could have been done with this to deserve the name Shogun. Maybe a wallpaper with a Samurai. Or a asian inspired calligraphy font. I will most likely be applying this theme once i get sick of GB and go back to Liberty, but i know artists(as you CLEARLY are) can take the criticism and just wanted to share my .02

These Wallpapers may give you some inspiration.

After flashing theme swype is force closing. Any ideas?

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I like yours better than some beneath it. will dl now. thanks.

hmm, swype went nuts with popups that it had to fc, and so did *apps organizer* that I use to put apps inside of.
also, cannot dl the wallpapers by touch/save.
haven't fully checked other items, but I'm going after the wallpaper by Bluetooth.

edit: got apps installer back by itself.
anybody else have no *touch-save* ability?
anybody figure out swype?


rooted, on liberty 2.0.1, slightly oc'd
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The touch and save works for me on Shogun, I do not use the Apps Organizer, and I do not use swype. Sorry not much help but the touch and save does work on my dx with shogun.
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Swype does not work either. I decided i needed to give you a bit better info. Swype immediately force closes when selected.
Do you have any fixes to to the swype problem mobile sensei?