[Theme] Droid X, Sense, Flat Black + Theme Tutorial

I hope it is the correct tread.
I am looking for the Black flat (or the other) notification bar with coresponding icons for Android 2.1 Update 1, Argentina - Provider Personal. Any chance ?

Attached my orginal framwork and service.
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Ok as nobody has it for my former ROM, i flashed Telus 3.11. Anybody a black notification bar for it? Android 2.1 Update1.
everything has gone smoothly..however, i found that when i pushed everything, when i pull down the notiication bar, INSTEAD of saying "Notification" it'll say "SOUND OFF" and when i plug my USB cable in, it'll change to "%-l%p" or something...i think it's the services.jar file? any ideas? i have the canadian telus milestone running 2.1 update1
below is what happened when i pushed the files (mind you, i took the PNG files from the OTHER post with that sense theme because this thread's sense theme didn't work properly..icons on the top were not blending right into the status bar..).. for some reason my "CLEAR" button is now "Sound On" and where it says "Notifications" now says "%-l%p".... i took my original file and only replaced what i was supposed to for the frameworks file and then i used the posted Canada services.jar file and replaced the status bar xml file with the right Canada one...........any idea why this is happening??

im new to all this how do i put my framework on my comp ive been trying for an hour to figure it out