The Verizon Note 7 Drops Plenty Of Important Features


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Oct 6, 2011
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When you buy a phone you assume it will come with all of the features advertised by the manufacturer. Unfortunately Verizon has decided to continue their tradition of not only adding useless bloatware, but also taking away key features from their flagship lineup. With the Note 7 they have removed quite a few things that actually improved the overall user experience of this particular device.

Samsung has included a feature dubbed Samsung cloud backup which gives you 15GB of free storage which is baked into the system that allows for easy backup of your contacts, calendar, Samsung notes, internet bookmarks, keyboard data, photos, videos, and stories. This would potentially make life much easier when upgrading to a new device next year. Verizon has decided to replace this nifty feature with their own third party app "Verizon Cloud" which only gives you 5Gb of free storage and does not integrate well with system apps.

The new settings menu found on the Note 7 does a pretty good job of grouping settings making the whole settings experience much less cluttered and faster to use. Verizon has decided to skip this update in favor of the old settings menu. There is even a feature that suggest a setting toward the bottom of the settings menu to get you to the right place if you end up in the wrong sub menu. That has also been removed by Verizon.

One of the most annoying and baffling omissions by Verizon is the removal of Samsung Pay. Android Pay is set as the default mobile payment system. Of course the Note 7 does support MST and the Verizon version will support Samsung Pay, but you will have to find and install it on your own. While they have removed plenty of key features there is no shortage of bloatware which is to be expected. Fortunately these bloatware apps are easy enough to disable.

Do you think that OEMs as big as Samsung should be able to tell carriers like Verizon to shove it when they make these kinds of absurd requests, or do you think Verizon should have the power to curtail devices for their "network" and their initiatives.


Feb 18, 2015
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Wow, that sucks. No I don't think carriers should be crippling their flagship phones like that. Samsung should tell Verizon to F*** it.


Oct 22, 2011
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Not to stick up for Verizon but if you log in online and go to account add one or features what ever they call it you can upgrade the 5gb to 25gb for free...

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