The Pixel 2 Out Shines Competitors In OIS Test


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Oct 6, 2011
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Optical Image Stabilization is a huge factor you should consider when comparing phones. Great OIS can be the difference between clear and high resolution photos and photos that are blurry. This can also make a huge difference when taking video. Digital Image stabilization has worked out for video stabilization in the past but it adds an unpleasant wobble effect. It's great that OEMs are finally adopting OIS in their camera lenses. That being said not all OIS is created equally.

Youtuber "Evan Rodgers" was able to get his hands on the iPhone X, PIxel 2, Note 8, and Mate 10 Pro. He decided to compare image stabilization while recording 4K video on these phones. While the iPhone X and Mate 10 Pro video is passable it is evident that both the Pixel 2 and Note 8 have superior 4K video stabilization. The iPhone X is mostly smooth, but could be better. The Mate 10 Pro maintains the wobble artifacts in the corners even though it has OIS. The OIS may only be used for 1080p. The Note 8 is smooth, but also appears to have some very slight wobble artifacts. The Pixel 2 video sample appears to be filmed with a gimbal. It is by far the smoothest of the samples. If image stabilization is important to you the Pixel 2 might be your best bet.

In a very specific stabilization test Rodgers took the phones onto the subway and just recorded a video with the cameras pointing directly at the subject for the duration of the test. In these extreme conditions the Note 8 is the only phone that is able to hold a stable image. It is actually quite impressive. You won't find yourself in this particular situation very often, but if you are on the Subway a lot then you may want to pick up the Note 8.

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