Pixel and Pixel XL Have The Best Camera In A Smartphone Ever According To DXOMark


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Oct 6, 2011
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DXOMark has been an industry leader in camera bench marking for quite some time. They have always been a reliable source of dslr and cell phone camera testing. According to them the new camera on the Pixel and Pixel XL is the best smartphone camera they have ever seen. The Pixel camera gets a DXOMark score of 89 squarely beating both the iPhone 7 and Note 7. This coming from a camera with no Optical Image Stabilization.

Google touted this score during their announcement concluding that they indeed have the best ever camera on their smartphone. Google made up for the lack of OIS in the camera with an explanation that they use the gyroscope to gather the information needed to get a smooth picture and reduce motion blur in photos. Even DXOMark stated there was a bit of studdering and jello effect in videos taken with the phone's camera. I would like to see just how well the Pixel camera does. We will have to see in two weeks when the phones ship.
While touting their "89" rating and showing a slide with various other phones they omitted mentioning any of the three phones with a "88" score. Apparently to make the "Pixel" difference look larger. :)