LG G Pro 2 Will Record 4K Video and Feature 'OIS+' Technology


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Dec 30, 2010
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LG has "let slip the dogs of war" in their enhanced smartphone camera war against other smartphone manufacturers. They have also let slip some new info regarding the G Pro 2 which makes this conclusion apparent. The camera sensor in the upcoming LG flagship phablet will not only feature 4K video recording, it will also include a few other high-end functions as well.

Supposedly, one of the biggest enhancements will be a new Optical Image Stabilization "Plus" tech. This is an enhanced version of the OIS as seen in some of their previous devices. Without diving into the technical details, (because they didn't share them), this new OIS+ tech combines hardware and software techniques to create better images. On top of these new features, the camera in the G Pro 2 will also be able to to record video at a 1.4 times slower rate than normal. This will allow for smooth slow motion recording. Additionally, LG has added a continuous burst shooting mode for up to 20 photos.

Overall, it looks like LG is really stepping up in the fancy camera department for their smartphones. It must be noted that it seems like a smart strategic marketing decision to include the 4K video capabilities on the device. This will help create some slight market pressure for folks to want to buy 4K televisions down the line, and LG is one of the forerunners of that technology along with Samsung and Sony.

Source: LG Korea