The Killing Joke Movie experience: Is it worth it?


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Dec 23, 2009
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This is actually going to be a 3 thread thing as I will only talk about the movie experience here and not about the movie, talk about the movie from a non-spoiler point of view in another thread, and talk spoiler in the last.

When I went to the theater I was surprised at the number of people that was there. In fact I have to say that this was a very smart move by WB because it cost them little to nothing to have this screened at the theaters. Given it's only being shown at select theaters and not commanding a lot of screens they are making money off of a movie that they would normally not make theater like money. But through sound marketing and hype they managed to make an event and capture a few sells that they may not have gotten otherwise.

As far as if this is worth it would be similar to would it be worth it to watch GOT in the theaters or a special viewing of a Star Wars movie that was already on dvd. For the movie studio it's like printing money, for the rest of the world it's a scam, but for the people watching it they feel it is worth the money to experience the movie in a theater atmosphere.

So for the average viewer I would say save your money as this is really not something to run out to see in theaters. In fact I would argue that the average fan may do better to wait for this as a rental. For the fan of the comic who want to see this on the big screen I would say that you may enjoy this. Having a segment at the beginning (which was obviously a dvd extra tacked on) that had Mark Hamill discuss how he went from Luke Skywalker to the Clown Prince of Crime was a nice add on. At the end of the day I walked out of the theater to people having mixed reviews about the film. Personally my opinion was the film was eh. I mean I was not demanding my money back but I would have been ok waiting for it to hit digital.
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