The Galaxy S8 and S8+ Are Not Compatible With Google Day Dream


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you were hoping to be able to give Google Day Dream a try on your all new Galaxy S8 or S8+ later this month when it arrives you will unfortunately be out of luck. The device appears to only be compatible with the built in Oculus and Oculus VR software. If you try to install the Google Day Dream app from the Play Store you will get an error message informing you the Galaxy S8 is not compatible with the software.

The Gear VR's Oculus VR platform has many more apps and games that accompany it, but it is unfortunate that users who already own a Day Dream headset won't be able to use it with this very capable device. The Galaxy S8 has a QHD+ display, a new 10nm processor and plenty of RAM. It would actually be the perfect Day Dream device. It seems that Samsung was not able to come to any terms with Google that would not also effect their agreement with Oculus.

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Figures. I'm all for competition, but not to the point where they take away consumer choice.

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