Galaxy S8 Will Come With Gear VR and $100 Gift Card If You Pre-Order From Target


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Oct 6, 2011
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According to a leaked Target catalog which is scheduled to release in the period of April 2 through April 8 Target will have the Samsung Galaxy S8 available for pre-order. They will also be offering some very attractive incentives if you pre-order from them. According to the leaked catalog you will get a free Gear VR and $100 gift card. The new Gear VR retails for $129.99 and includes a remote. The S8 will have to be purchased through the Verizon Device Payment program, Sprint's 24-month Installment plan, or AT&T next in order to qualify for the deal. The ad doesn't specify the cost of the S8 or a ship date. These details we will find out at the March 29th Unpacked event.

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Wow Samsung is really trying to buy their customers back...

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From what I was told, it will be the same VR that was released with the Note 7, they're just including the remote. From the image above it looks identical to the current version, but as droidprincess said, the phone is completely redesigned so unless they are physically the same height as the Note 7, they'd have to release a new version.