Text messaging-mysterious problem with multiple messages


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May 26, 2011
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I have a Motorola Droid 1 and use AOL for my e-mail. I have sent three or four text messages in my life and I receive two or three text messages per month, so I don't have a text package. Suddenly last month, my Verizon bill showed about 200 incoming text messages and 70 outgoing messages which I never sent. The incoming messages contain six digit numbers like 265080 and 265082 and say things like "Ashleylove121 have we talked b4? im 23 female. u?." The outgoing messages were to the same six digit numbers. I have never responded to these messages but Verizon advised me to send a text message saying "stop." I did that, and got 170 text messages back all saying the same thing:
"AIM: Your message could not be delivered. No AIM user is associated with this channel. Specify a screen name, colon, then message and send to 4654."

I called Verizon again and they could not understand how the 70 outgoing messages could appear on my account when I didn't send them, why I received 200 messages from "Ashleylove" or why I got 170 messages in response to my "stop" text. Their recommendation was to disable text messaging on my phone. Blocking the specific numbers doesn't work because there are several numbers and they seem to change. I hate to disable texting because it's valuable in an emergency. Does anyone have an explanation for what's going on with the text messages I never sent and the multiple incoming messages and how to stop it? I should mention that Verizon has been very good about crediting me back for the charges. Thanks.