Text Messaging Problems


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Mar 12, 2010
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I have had my Droid for about three months now and recently I am having significant problems with my text messages not being recieved by the intended recipients. I send the message and get a delivery report, but quite often I will be told that my friend never recieved the message I sent.

I have seen this problem with other phones, but not to this degree or I would recieve a message saying the message did not send.

I can be having a one minute text message conversation with a friend back and forth and all of a sudden I wont get a reply. At first I thought they were busy but after this has happened multiple times and they never answered my message hours later I became suspicious. I tried to resend the message and it would still not go through as my friend told me they never recieved it.

This has happened with multiple people, not just a reoccuring problem with one person. It can be with any text that I send and I really dont know what to do about this. I love my droid and cant understand this problem at all.

Can anyone help?
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Are you using the stock messenger or gtalk or handcent or what? have you moved to a new location where you might not have a connection? have you installed any new apps? sometimes certain apps mess everything up. i don't understand how it could be working fine for 3 months then suddenly you start having problems. i'm thinking you have a rogue app installed.
I am currently using the stock messaging app. I downloaded handcent for a while and had the same issues if not worse so I uninstalled and went back to the stock.

The strange thing is that it is not a constant problem. I know all phones can have messages they dont send on occasion but it seems ridiculous how often it happens.

I can often be having a converstation for a while with a friend and when they dont reply I call them and find out they never recieved my last text?
-This can even happen after I send the message about 5 times when I dont get a reply just to see what happens?
Also I have not moved to a new location and this has happened will my service is great.

I dont know about rogue apps though. The rest of my phone works fine including my messaging, exept the messages that are not received by my friends. I get a delivery report for each message, although the message may never be recieved?
I have the exact same issue. Whether I use Handcent or stock
Some messages go through, others don't. I have stock Droid, OS v.2.01
text messages not received?

I'm having the same issue with my Droid Eris HTC. Not only do friends not get text messages, but i've also been told friends sent messges to me and I never recieved them. This only started happening with the recent "upgrade" that came through on my phone a month ago from Verizon. Does anyone know how to fix this glitch??
I've been having the same problem. I noticed it on my phone very early on though. At first it was suggested it may be the signal strength in the area. The problem has occurred no matter where I am in my travels.
A friend of mine who is a Verizon tech, suggested that a hard reset may fix the problem, as he also suggested rogue apps can cause the phone to have problems. Im at my wits end with the problem and will be switching to a different phone despite how much I love the droid if this problem persists, Ill let you know how the hard reset goes once I've tried it.
text messaging issues

Actually, Verizon was able to fix the sporadic text messaging issues by a hard reset (only bad thing is I lost a lot of my apps & had to download them again.) I also had to call the Verizon tech line afterwards so they could send a new signal (?) to my phone. It was an inconvenience for sure but now my HTC Droid is working great again! don't give up, it's fixable! Just need to find the righ tech at the store who knows what they're doing...
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New droid x user. Have had several people complaining of my text messages having question marks between every letter. Tried a test text to my husbands droid x and no problem. Any ideas?