Text Messages Not Vibrating...


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Dec 18, 2009
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Nashville, TN
Hi all. So I search around and looked for post with this issue but couldn't really find any that pertained to me. I have the phone set on vibrate and in the messenging settings it is set to vibrate. But it doesn't vibrate...anyone else having these issues? :icon_eek:
That IS odd.. Unless setting it to vibrate negates the vibrate function, like maybe they cancel each other out..?
Are you using the native messaging app, or something like handcent?
Are you using the stock messaging or Handcent or Chomp SMS?
I'm just using the stock messenger...I don't want to install any other messenger app.
I'm just using the stock messenger...I don't want to install any other messenger app.

Wasn't saying you had to... was just trying to figure out where to start to see if we could find a resolution. unfortunately I got nothing :(
I am now having the same problem. Everything was working fine this morning, but now my Droid does not vibrate when i receive a text.

I use Handcent for texting and it is set to vibrate all the time. It still says it is set to vibrate all the time, but it never does, even if my phone is set to vibrate.

Any suggestions?
Same thing happened to me, I swapped it for a new phone and it vibrates.
Yeah...another text issue is that the contacts lag to show the names of the people I'm texting...It starts out with just their number then slowly turns to their name. Blah...The texting on the droid should be much more advanced.
Same thing with me. I am using Handcent and have tried all of the vibrate settings with no luck. Last time I checked, my phone was still vibrating with phone calls though. This is really bugging me.
I've been messing with all kinds of settings, still no luck. My phone vibrates every other time it should be, just not when I receive a text. My guess is that something is up with Handcent, though not everyone is having this problem. I don't know what OS update I have for my Droid, I just updated it when i first got it, when it told me I needed to.
I had the same problem. I also use Handcent.

Even after I reset the phone I still couldn't get it to vibrate for texts. It worked for everything else, just not texts.

Not sure what fixed it, but after I reloaded all my apps from my SD card it just started working again.
Well even though EVERYONE says this;
Have any of you done a battery pull?

So...I have a VERIZON story :icon_ banana: I walked in Verizon last night to see if I could get some technical support about this vibrating issue. I was happy to see that the store wasn’t bombarded with people and I was quickly served. I told the representative that my phone doesn’t vibrate when I receive a text message. He said…well mine doesn’t either! They don’t vibrate. I was like BS. Haha. I said…my best friend has a Droid along with two other members in my family and they vibrate. He was like well lets test it…so he sent me a text…it didn’t vibrate…sent his droid a text…didn’t vibrate. He got the manager because I had researched this issue and he knew it. The manager gave me two options. 1)He would extend my thirty days return policy until the next over the air update to see if that solved the problem or 2) do an update on a machine in the back to see if the over the air update had an issue. So we walked over to the test droid that’s on the sales wall…I sent it a text from my phone and guess what? It VIBRATED! I was like SEE!! So…I gave them my phone for about and they went into the back room for about 15 mins. He brought me back my phone and we tested it…It now vibrates when I receive a text message! Yahoo. I signed into my google account and my contacts synced right away…went to downloads in market and the apps I purchased were available for download again. The Manager made it known that if I had to purchase anything in the Market for a second time that he would credit my account. I was impressed with the CUSTOMER SERVICE...but not the knowledge of the phone.

Funny side note: They were so impressed with my screen layout. I had to show them how to put a direct dial on one of your home screens…and other tricks. They even owned this phone. Oh, dear Verizon…hire me! I’m obsessed with the Droid. :motdroidhoriz: