tether rooted GS4 w/ PagePlus to a MacPro


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Mar 1, 2017
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galaxy s4
I do graphics in a secure govt bdg. my work computer is a standalone MacPro with NO NETWORK CONNECTION. it has Wifi but so far I have been unable to tether to my phone.

PagePlus is my carrier and they do not support hotspot. With FOxFi I was able to override the phone and turn hotspot on. The mac Can connect to the phone but there is no internet. A co-worker was able to make his phone work as a hotspot to my computer but not mine.

I have also tried Tetherfly, WIFI Tether Router, and Barnacle Wifi,

I would love to hear whether or not the PagePlus anti-hotspot can be overridden, or if I am doing something else wrong.