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Jan 9, 2010
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I have had my droid since feb, and tethered since about apr. or may. Compared to my miserable old dialup, out here in the boonies, its great.
My question is this: If I were to tether an unlocked 4g phone on my current 3g company, could I expect better modem speeds, or would a 4g phone even work on a 3g network???


Heh I know what you mean. I love tethering compared to my old dial up. As for your question. I would say that if the company you are using has 4g and both phones are of the same company then as long as your area has that signal for the 4g then you could see better speeds. I'm guessing that both phones are of the same company. Unless you're using a friends 4g phone then it would depend on if his network has 4g. I know that verizon isn't carrying 4g yet so in that case your efforts would be useless. Then again I don't think verizon carries a 4g phone yet so that wouldn't even matter. Basically you couldn't use one companies 4g network on another companies phone. Hope the answer to your question was answered somewhere in all of that haha.

edit: I do know a bit more but its hard to explain. You would need to ask the right question to get it explained right. So if you have other questions to clear all of above up then ask. I'd be happy to try and get everything explained right so your question is answered
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No. A 4g phone on a 3g network wont provide any enhancments. I you live in the boonies I highly doubt you have 4g coverage yet anyway.