Droid Bionic no longer bluetooth tethering to galaxy tab...help!


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Dec 8, 2012
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I used to tether via bluetooth my droid bionic with my galaxy tablet 10.1 no problem. In fact, after my tablet got the ICS update, it was even easier (no longer had to switch to 3g before connecting). Then my bionic got the ICS update a couple weeks ago. Right after the update i managed to connect the two devices, but havent been able to connect since. Both devices say they are bluetooth tethered, but I cant get the internet on the tablet. I noticed on the phone under the mobile hotspot and tethering tab that when it connects with the tablet, where it says bluetooth tethering, it says "not tethered" although before connecting, the box is checked for bluetooth tethering and sharing phones internet. Any help is greatly appreciated!