Tasker+ Minimalistic text help


Aug 10, 2012
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Wilmington NC
After finally making the jump to Tasker and searching through countless threads/pages, I have been able to create a few profiles and adapt a few others for my own needs..screen off/data off/sync after 45 mins for 1 min 30 sec, then back off (this one was tricky) and just basic profiles for music on/off screen stay on when headphones were plugged in..back home after headphones un plugged...but one thing I can't seem to do is create a MT widget to display system info,not just battery,temp,etc..I would like CPU frequency,etc. I'm not asking for hand holding but if someone either has this type of profile or could point me in the right direction , I would appreciate it! I have looked through XDA, Tasker Google group and many others with no success.
Don't know if there is CPU frequency, but I know there's CPU usage. Scroll through within the system tab in "custom layout".
With tasker it's supposed to be able to be done.. Seen pictures but like most good Tasker profiles, it seems to be guarded like gold

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Hmm no idea. I don't use Tasker myself. Hopefully someone who does sees this thread.