Task Manager Battery Hog


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Nov 21, 2013
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I have a Samsung Rugby Pro on AT&T, software version 4.1.2.

I have had issues lately with battery life. I used to get 2 days of use, now I am only getting 1.2-1.3 days. The largest battery use is the Task Manager that is built in (i haven't downloaded or installed a task manager).

After 12 hours of use, % battery used:
Task Manager - 28%
Voice Calls - 19%
Android OS - 16%
Device Idle - 8%
Cell Standby - 7%
Android System - 5%
Facebook - 3%
Clock - 2%
Phone - 2%

Anyone else run into this problem? Why is the task manager using so much battery?
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It appears that somethig may be trying to be active in the backgroud. Since it can't do whatever it's wanting to do it doesn't appear on the list, though some other battery monitors might reveal it, like gSam Battery monitor. Have you done a restart or any cache cleaning? That could also be a/the problem.