questions about battery life and sleep


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Jul 29, 2010
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Hi I've had my droid a couple of weeks and my battery life has averaged about 15-16 hours which will bring it to about 30%. I'm a normal user, I go on the market sometimes and use apps a few times per day. Yesterday it seemed like the battery went down quicker than normal and it seemed like I didn't do anything different. I've been doing my research about battery life and there's a big debate about task managers/killers so I landed up removing mine.

My first question is how do you know if your device is sleeping properly and not draining the battery?

What are other's averages with their battery?

And finally do I really need any of the task stuff? I was thinking about using System Panel lite.

Edit: Also what's all this I'm hearing about "Up Time" and "Awake Time?"