Tang Icon Pack Gives Your HomeScreen A Citrusy Feel


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Oct 6, 2011
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One of the quickest and easiest ways to give your device a fresh new look and feel is to add a theme. You no longer have to be rooted with a custom recovery installed to enjoy a custom look and feel on your device. These days a simple Icon Pack will do the trick. Icon packs have the ability to change not only your icons, but also you wallpaper, and many of your widgets. You can really make your device fit your style and personality.

One of my favorite Icon developers "Drumdestroyer" has released the perfect icon pack for those Tenesse and Texas fans who love Orange! The tang icon pack brings burnt orange and other shades of the citrusy color to your home screen. This icon pack contains more than 2610 hand themed icons. There are also more than 180 matching wallpapers included here. The app also comes with a dashboard that allows you to choose different colors and styles and even request new icons. Even some popular widgets have been themed. Grab this free theme from the link below.

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