NEW Perfect Icon Pack!


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Oct 6, 2011
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The quickest and easiest way to update the look and feel of your device is to install an icon pack and fresh wallpaper. One of our favorite icon theme devs around here is "Drumdestroyer". He has just released his latest icon pack to the PlayStore.

This icon pack stands out from the rest with a few unique features. You can set this icon pack to your "Perfect" preference with many alternate designs included. There are system icons designed on your device (ie Samsung, HTC, Nexus ect), and included dynamic calendar icons.

Each icon is hand themed, colors are true to stock, and all icons are super high res. This icon pack includes a powerful dashboard app. The dashboard app includes an icon search, easy icon request tool, and wallpaper manager. Other features of the icon pack include more than 100 wallpapers, HD clock widget, and frequent updates. Grab this icon pack for only $1.29 at the link below

via Play Store