Systemless Root For Marshmallow Kills Android Pay Support


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Oct 6, 2011
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Android Pay is one of the most convenient ways to pay for goods and services ever for those with NFC enabled devices. Just simply tap your phone to a compatible kiosk and you are done. Root broke this for many, but the Systemless root method by chainfire bypassed the root restriction. The fact that it did make any modifications to the /system partition meant that it didn't trigger any flags.

Apparently Google has finally updated their SafetyNet API. From now on the systemless root method will trigger Google flags and you will no longer be able to use Android Pay. The app may still install, you may be able to add a card, but when you try to make your transaction it will not go through. According to some users there is a temporary fix. You can go into the SuperSU app prior to making a purchase and disable su. This allows your device to pass the CTS check. Once you are finished with your transaction you can just turn su back on. This whole process is pretty inconvenient and pretty much ruins the tap to pay experience since you are having to do all of this finagling. This is pretty unfortunate. Will this be enough to put the nail in the coffin for Root for you?

via XDA