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Nov 9, 2010
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Hi! I am new to the Droid website and a brand-new Droid user - help! :icon_eek:

I signed on to a Droid webinar yesterday. That helped, but I am still lost. dancedroid

I hope you can all help me through this learning period! :)

Thanks!!! :heart:
Welcome to the forum.

There's answers of all kinds floating around dancedroid

... prepare yourself for what may become an addiction :)
Welcome to the forums. Martin is right, get ready for your new addiction.

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welcome to the forum!! like Martin and Spaz have said, you can find just about anything you want in here. i would recommend browsing and searching around the Droid Discussions areas (for all things Droid), and then going over to the separate DX section (click Forum tab above, and scroll down), which is devoted entirely to the DX. if you can't find answers to what you're looking for (which i highly doubt), post back and ask questions.

browse around, stick around, and join in the fun!!! :)