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May 10, 2010
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Hello people, I am brand new to the site and I hope it helps me to use my new phone to the fullest. I am an avid computer user and know the basics of most electronics. I just need to learn some tips and tricks about my new Droid. Keep in mind I just got it today so Its all Greek for now..Any basic things you guys can run by me like ring tone tips, Apps to stay away from. The best apps to get and so on..Thanks again new friends..I will be noodling around the site most of the evening .
Welcome aboard!!
Here you will find all things (An)Droid. Search and ask away. All that we ask is to answer a few questions when you've learned the info yourself.

The first app I'd recomend is Astro File Manager. Best file utility going (IMHO).
ShopSavy is a good one to show off with. I like Melon for keeping lists on my desktop (when you get old as me your memory ain't so goo... what was I sayin?)
Skyfire is an excellent browser if you want pseudo flash support. WikiMobile is cool for reference work. And one I'd recommend droping some coin on (around a buck, I think) is FeedR - very configurable feeds reader.

Have fun!

Thanks bro...I totally appreciate it.I am currently setting up the Face Book app..I hate the way it leaves ONE post open on the first screen to the left you can scroll to. Its like it leaves the news feed open but only shows one post..Is there anyway to leave your last post open and see reply's on the first droid screen? Im speakin of the 3 availiable screens you can swipe through on your main screen? Just askin..Im a big Face Book
Not sure, I've never much cared for the facebook widget/app. I prefer to surf directly to the site and pinch zoom it.

I DO like the YouTube widget. Esp. when I'm on my wifi. Personal Assistant Free is excellent for tracking various accts (checking balances, photobucket, etc.) With your computer background, I foresee rooting in the near future (then the Droid world really open up).