Sunday Evening Chat: Moto 360 tips and more


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Dec 23, 2009
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Had the Moto 360 for almost a week and came across a few questions on the forums that I hope to address.

  1. Battery Life: As much as battery life is catching flack it really is not that bad. I can get through a full working day easily and it recharges in less than a hour.
  2. Display: There are a few trade offs here in the display is no where near as beautiful as the AMOLED display on the Samsung watches, but unlike AMOLED displays you can see the Moto 360 in direct sunlight. I do not want to have to cover my watch just to tell what time it is so for me the display on the Moto 360 is functional. The trade off is that you will see some pixelation but again on a display that small I am not looking to watch a movie I am just wanting to be able to view the watch face and the incoming messages.
  3. Display on while charging: If you are concerned about possible burn in or you do not want the display on all night go into settings, about, and keep touching the software build until you turn on developer mode. From there you can turn off "stay awake while charging". When I place my phone on the charger my display goes off. Now every now and then I may have to tap the power button a few times as it will go from dim to full bright to off.
  4. Black or Silver: That is a toss up, Ill suggest you take a look at it in person before deciding.
  5. How do you navigate through the watch: I am finally getting the hang of this and I actually ended up removing android wear launcher (though it was a good app) as it seemed to get in the way for me. Swipe right to remove messages, swipe left to respond to a message (ie speak a short text message). To get to the menu page double tap until you see the Google now prompt and the double tap again. To exit the menu screen either hit the power button or swipe right.
  6. How to change watch faces: You can either use the Moto connect app to customize the Moto supplied clocks or you can use one of the apps that I will post below. Once you install the app on your phone you should be able to go into the app from your phone and customize. Once you are done long press on your watch clock face and you should have the option of other faces to choose from.
  7. Quickly turn off he display: I have to give kudos to the source I read this from which was an article on DL, but cover the watch face with your hand and you will feel a haptic feedback as the display shuts off. A good way to manage battery life.
Lastly here are a few watch face apps available on the market.
Do the Android watches have gyroscopes in them? It would be cool to have a watch face with a 3D parallax effect!
Do the Android watches have gyroscopes in them? It would be cool to have a watch face with a 3D parallax effect!

I thought it did but it looks like it doesn't. I wonder how it knows you are lifting your wrist to look at the time without a gyro sensor.
Almost two weeks in and I love mine still. The looks are awesome, and I am really liking the convenience of notifications right there at a quick glance.

$250 is a great price point for this, well done Moto!