Suggestions for best android phone for recording and playing back music


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Feb 12, 2012
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I need the android phone with the best hardware for recording music. Nice stereo micro speakers or at least a good quality mono speaker would be of interest too. In other words I would like to know if there is any android phone that compares in these respects to the Nokia 5800 XPress Music, which combined stereo speakers (nice sound to wake up to or simply hear normal notifications and rings) and, most importantly, a recording system so good that I did away with my standalone digital recorder. I found I could strategically place the nokia at a concert venue and get more than sufficient bass definition without distortion, by adjusting input level and mic sensitivity. The Nokia music playback application had a nice equalizer. None of this is possible on the HTC Wildfire and my guess is downloadable music players and recorders will only partially correct the problem.

I would prefer to not have to download and try a host of recording a playback applications as my guess is the issues I've encountered are partly due to the HTC's hardware as well as the Android driver. I think there should be a smartphone out there that meets the music standards of the Nokia 5800 given it's at least three years since that was released. I now need Android on my phone hence I shall not be returning to a "legacy" Nokia model.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions